Sunday, April 21, 2013

Education is Politics by Ira Shor - Quotes

I did not enjoy reading this article.  I felt that it was very repetitive and had to stop reading half way through the sixth page.  I had to start some of my other homework because I had to keep rereading things.  Eventually I was able to finish reading this article. 

“People are naturally curious.  They are born learners.  Education can either develop or stille their inclination to ask why and to learn” (pg. 12). 
“People begin life as motivated learners, not as passive begins.  Children naturally join the world around them.  They learn by interacting, by experimenting, and by using play to internalize the meaning of words and experience.  Language intrigues children…” (pg. 17). 

These two quotes reminded me of little kids when they ask “why”.  When you answer their question and they keep asking why until you either tell them “That is just the way it is” or they get distracted and start doing something else.  Children love to learn, however this does not mean that they love to learn about Shakespeare, Geometry or why the Earth is round.  Many kids do not care about these things.  Teachers have to try to incorporate the students’ interests in the curriculum, make the information meaningful to them.  For example, in math, if there are four or five students who play soccer, then make a couple math problems involving soccer.  Having a group of boys doing word problems about butterflies is most likely going to result in the boys goofing off and being disruptive. 

“The heart of the problem is that teachers are taught to lecture and give orders” (pg. 27). 
This quote did not make any sense to me when I read it.  In the few education courses I have taken, and the teachers that I know personally, I have never heard anyone say to just teach lectures and give orders.  I work in a daycare, I teach dance and gymnastics, and I have worked at a summer camp, and when I teach I do everything in my power not to lecture.  Enough explanation to understand the task, and examples; then if they still need help they ask questions.   

“I often ask students to tell me in writing why they took the class, what they want from it, and what suggestions they have for running it or improving their education at the college” (pg. 27). 
I personally hate when teachers and professors ask these questions, especially now in college.   Every class that I am taking is required of me, not because I feel like taking the class.  Why am I taking the class? So I can graduate.  My professor for my special education class asked us that question, and everyone said because it is required.   

Point to Share: Teachers need to make the curriculum and learning meaningful for the students.  Incorporating their favorite books, sports, hobbies, etc. into the material is a fun and creative way to teach a lesson.

This picture also connects to the tracking article we read.


  1. Nicole, I really liked the quotes you choose. And I loved the picture! I also had a hard time reading this article, not only for your reasons, but some of my text was very squished or fuzzy! :( (also, it could be possibly I have a slight aversion to reading 23 page Loved your blog post!

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