Monday, April 8, 2013

Literacy with an Attitude by Finn – Extended Comment and Connection

Sorry that my blog is a little late, I was sick this weekend and I was in New Hampshire for a dance competition.  When I was reading this blog I found myself having to go back and reread paragraphs over again.  Then when it came time to write my blog I had no idea which option to choose. 

Connection to Amazing Grace by Jonathan Kozol
When I read Marissa’s blog and saw her last quote it reminded me of Kozol.  The quote Marissa picked from Finn was when Finn says, “When students begin school in such different systems, the odds are set for them” (25).  Kozol really emphasizes the cycle that keeps poor people in their place.  This same cycle connects to children in these poor schools.  If a child is not given the materials needed to learn then how can society expect them to overcome the odds and get out of that cycle, get out of the bad neighborhood.  Society wants these inner-city kids to  not take the easy way out and sell drugs on the street.  But society does expect them to do all of that without a proper education.  That seems fair, right? Giving the children who need the structure the most, the least amount of structure and education is simply not right.   

I agree with how Marissa said that this quote basically sums up Finn’s whole argument.  A child can only do so much with the material that they have.  These children from the poor school districts are not dumb, they just do not have the types of materials they need to succeed. 

Point to Share: School is supposed to give you the material you need to be successful in life.  But if you are not given any materials then how are you supposed to succeed?

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