Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Miscellaneous Post - Pinterest Pictures

When I was looking on Pinterest I found these pictures and immediately thought of this class. 

When I saw this picture I immediately thought of this class when we talked about Disney, and the hidden curriculum within children’s movies.  Linda Christensen talked about the secret education that is in media.  This secret education sends false messages that enforce the cultures of power.  Some of the ideas that movies are really showing children that white people are the good guys and the black people are the bad guys, stepmothers are evil, and that you need to be pretty to be successful.

This picture reminded me of the article we read about tracking students, and how teachers need to create projects and assignments that are meaningful to the students.  Doing the same type of worksheets day after day is not only boring but is meaningless.  A worksheet teaches the child to memorize facts, not learn about the importance and does not provide opportunity for discussion.  Discussion allows the students to think for themselves and form options about topics.

When I saw this picture I just thought it was cute but then I read the comment underneath it that said, “I would do this 1st week of elementary school - teaching about diversity or anti bulling.  Cookies look different but have same ingredients... fun :-)”.  When I read that I connected it to all of our discussions on is separate equal.  We are all people; we are all made of the same types of organs and bones, so we should treat each other as equals.  This picture also reminded me of Collier and Rodriquez, and how it is important to include a child background and culture into the curriculum.  Ignoring a child’s first language will only turn them off to learning, so teachers need to incorporate their native language into the classroom.

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